Planned Features

Based on discussions in the forums, the following are planned features for libRocket.


  • Investigate switching the XML parser to RapidXML for speed
  • Make the STL configurable (this is important for Custom Memory Allocators later too)


  • Add support to render a document to texture
  • Send all allocs and frees through the SystemInterface, allowing developers to manage memory better
  • Make contexts thread safe, so each context can run in its own thread without affecting the other

Some Day

  • Address the global element transparency issues. Some elements don't currently support transparency, due to HTML spec, but I think its worth coming up with a way to allow this.
  • Expose more of the font system, maybe making it a plugin, so that you're not required to use TrueType fonts.
  • Allow text strings to be rendered at different angles, not just horizontal